Open Course Dates Voucher Bookings 2017

All bookings are subject to availability.

Voucher Bookings are on a first come first served basis.
Please note that weekends book up very quickly as do School Holiday periods.
Open Courses are for Voucher Bookings to join a Group Day. You will be part of a group of up to 12 people.

Open Courses are groups of mixed abilities and ages.

Bookings using vouchers do need to reach a minimum number of people on the day for the day to run.
You can also book direct to join an Open Course day contact for details and price.
Private/Exclusive Day Prices are on website.

Private Exclusive days are 1 Instructor to 8 Clients.

All Bookings are by e mail off the ‘Contact us’ page.
You are advised to take out your own Personal Accident Insurance and Cancellation Insurance.
Truth & Trust Adventure reserve the right to postpone or cancel the day due to weather conditions on the day, or any other unforeseen event, an alternative date will be arranged. On the voucher bookings no refunds will be given when booking confirmed. 
Truth and Trust Adventure reserve the right to charge a re booking fee of £15 per person if client cancels a booked date. 
Truth and Trust Adventure reserve the right to charge a fee to extend a voucher expiry date.
Truth & Trust Adventure will not be liable for any loss or damage to your personal belongings.
Truth & Trust Adventure will not be liable for any additional cost’s, i.e fuel, accommodation, food, loss of earnings if the day is cancelled.
As a responsible Outdoor Activity Provider all Adventure Activities from any provider carry a risk of injury or death. This is a participation statement from the British Mountaineering Council. However these are managed with generic and dynamic risk assessments to make the activities as safe as possible.

Failing to arrive at or before the scheduled time will not entitle you to a refund. There will be no compensation paid for consequential losses, lost or additional travelling expenses or other expenses of a similar nature.

Truth & Trust Adventure does not supply transport. Your Own Transport Will Be Required for the Whole Day. (i.e a car).

Under 18’s will need to be accompanied on the day.

To book I will need your names, voucher codes/security codes and a mobile phone contact number.
If booking direct to join an open course day I will also need a billing address for the invoice which will be e mailed to you.

Dates not shown are fully booked out.

Number in () indicates number of places remaining on an Adventure Open Course.

By booking on a day you accept all the above conditions.



All Adventure Days During this Month (Excluding 12th/13th) are Direct Bookings at £20 per person.

1st Climbing & Bridge Abseil (6)

2nd Climbing & Bridge Abseil (3)

3rd Climbing & Weaseling (6)

4th Climbing & Gorge Walk (3)

8th Climbing & Weaseling (3)

10th Climbing & Rock Abseil (7)

11th Rock Abseil & Gorge Walk (6)

14th Available

15th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (5)

17th Climbing & Caving (4)

21st Rock Scramble & Rock Abseil (2)

24th Caving & Gorge Walk (8)

25th Climbing & Caving (3)

25th Night Walk £30 per person

26th Climbing Full Day (2)

28th Climbing & Weaseling (2)

31st Climbing & Rock Abseil (7)


1st Climbing & Gorge Walk (6)

4th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (5)

5th Available

6th Available

7th Available

8th Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (8)

10th Caving & Bridge Abseil (2)

11th Available

12th Available

13th Available

14th Available

15th Available

16th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (1)

18th Available

19th Available

20th Available

21st Available

22nd Available

23rd Bridge Abseil & Caving (4)

24th Climbing & Caving (7)

25th Available

26th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (8)

27th Available

28th Available

29th Available

Direct Bookings only During October at £25 per person with a maximum of 8 people on the days.

1st Caving & Gorge Walk (6)

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