Open Course Dates 2018

All bookings are subject to availability.

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 All Bookings are by e mail:

Dates not shown may not be available.



20th Caving & Bridge Abseil (Matlock) (4)

22nd Fully Booked

23rd Fully Booked

24th Fully Booked

25th Fully Booked


2nd Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (6)

3rd Fully Booked

4th Fully Booked

6th  Climbing & Caving (6)

7th Bridge Abseil & Caving (4) Carlswark Round Trip

9th Fully Booked

10th  Fully Booked

11th Fully Booked

12th Climbing and Gorge Walk (6)

16th  Caving & Gorge Walk (4)

17th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (2)

18th Caving & Bridge Abseil  (4) Matlock

23rd Fully Booked

24th Fully Booked

25th 1 Day Navigation Course (9)

26th Fully Booked

28th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (8)

31st Fully Booked


2nd to 6th Adventure Week (8)

Check Website page for details. 

7th Bushcraft  Fire Lighting and Bow Drill Course

Check Website page for details. £40.00pp

9th Caving & Bridge Abseil (8) Matlock

10th  Caving Day. Visit 2 Mines/Cave (4)

11th Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (8)

12th Climbing & Caving (10)

13th Fully Booked

14th  Fully Booked

15th Fully Booked

16th Available

17th Available

22nd Fully Booked

23rd Available

24th  Available

27th Available

28th  Fully Booked

29th  Fully Booked

30th Available


4th  Available

5th Fully Booked

7th Caving & Weaseling (10)

8th  Available

10th Available

11th Available

12th  Climbing & Weaseling (2)

13th  Fully Booked

14th Available

15th Available

17th Available

18th  Available

19th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (2)

20th Caving & Weaseling (1)

22nd  Available

26th  Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (4)

27th  Bridge Abseil & Caving (3)


3rd  Climbing & Bridge Abseil (4)

8th  Available

10th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (8)

12th  Available

16th  Fully Booked

17th  Caving & Bridge Abseil (Matlock) (6)

22nd  Caving & Gorge Walk (8)

26th  Available

29th  Available


7th Night Walk & Bivvy Out to Watch the Sun Rise

Check Website for Details.

8th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (6)

15th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (2)

21st Climbing & Caving (8)

Updated 18/02/18