Calendar 2020

All bookings are subject to Government guidance and restrictions. The Rule of 6 will apply.

If you were booked in on a day during 2020 that was cancelled due to Covid-19 this will be credited to a date during 2021.

If you purchased vouchers from us (TATA) for a day during 2020 these will be credited to a date during 2021.

3rd party vouchers are to join an Open Course Day.

Family/Group private bookings start from £30.00 per person. Minimum number 3 people.

Please note you will need to supply face mask/coverings, gloves and hand sanitiser.

 I will have soap based hand cleaner and alcohol hand sanitiser in my vehicle.

Dates not shown are either booked out or not available.

Number in () indicates places remaining on day.


Due to A57 Snake Pass being closed to all traffic from 12th October to 25th October the Gorge Walk (river walk) activity will not take place.

No Vouchers or Re-Bookings During October Half Term.

Book your own Family Activity Day during half term for £30.00 per person.

Minimum number 3 people. (max 6).

Payment by Bank Transfer.

22nd Fully Booked

23rd Fully Booked

24th Fully Booked

25th Fully Booked

26th Fully Booked

27th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (2) (Open Course voucher booking)

28th Available

29th Fully Booked

30th Fully Booked

31st Fully Booked


3rd Climbing & Weasel (4) (Open Course)

4th/5th Available

9th Climbing  & Caving  (4) (Open Course)

10th Available

12th/13th Intermediate Navigation Course. £50 per person.

14th Mine Exploration & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

16th to 20th Available

22nd Climbing & Bridge Abseil (2) (Open Course)

24th to 25th Available

26th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (4) (Open Course)

27th/29th/30th Available


1st to 4th Available

6th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (4) (Open Course)

7th to 11th Available

12th Caving & Bridge Abseil (6) (Open Course)

13th to 18th Available

19th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (4) (Open Course)

20th Caving & Bridge Abseil (6) (Open Course)

Family Activity Days @ £30 per person minimum number 3 people.

21st Caving & Bridge Abseil 

22nd Caving & Bridge Abseil

23rd Caving & Bridge Abseil

Updated 20/10/20