Calendar 2020

All bookings are subject to guidance from PHE and Government.

Please refer to the Covid-19 page on website.

Please note at this time wetsuits for the Gorge Walk will not be supplied by us. (unless a private booking). You can hire a wetsuit for an extra £5 per person to cover cleaning and quarantining. (subject to availability).

Open Courses are £25.00 per person for a 2 activity day.

Private bookings start from £30.00 per person.

If you are booked in on a day during 2020 that was cancelled due to Covid-19 you can transfer this booking to 2021.

Dates not shown are either booked out or not available.


21st Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (5) (Open Course)

23rd Gorge Walk & Weaseling (1) (Open Course)


1st Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

2nd Gorge walk & Bridge Abseil (3) (Open Course)

3rd Available

8th Bridge Abseil 3 Sessions

Morning Session meeting for 0830 hrs.

Afternoon Session 1200 hrs.

Evening Session 1700 hrs.

Cost is £20 per person for 5 people.

9th Climbing & Caving (2) (Open Course)(Matlock)

14th Climbing & Gorge Walk (1) (Open Course)

15th Climbing & Caving  (5) (Open Course) Matlock

17th Mine Exploration & Bridge Abseil (5) (open Course)

18th Available

19th Climbing & Weaseling (1) (Open Course)

20th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (3) (Open Course)

21st  Available

22nd Visit 2 old mines (5) (Open Course)

25th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

27th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

28th to 29th Available


1st Available

2nd Climbing & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

5th to 9th Available

10th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (1) (Open Course)

11th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (2)(Open Course)

12th to 16th Available

17th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (3) (Open Course)

18th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (3) (Open Course)

24th Gorge Walk & Caving (3) (Open Course)

25th Available


1st to 30th Available

Updated 11/08/20