Available Dates 2021

‘Available’ dates can be booked as either Private days or Public Open Course days.

Private bookings for Family Groups/Friends/Stag & Hen Groups, Scout Groups can be catered for please check price page. Check price page.

Number in () indicate places remaining on a Public Open Course.  

Public Open Course Days (POC) are mixed groups of various ages and abilities.



Book a Mid Week Open Course Adventure Day During September for £25 per person. (Day would need to reach a minimum number to run). Dates can also be booked as Private Days.

23rd Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil. (£25 per person)

24th Climbing & Caving. (£25 per person)

26th Caving & Bridge Abseil (6)

27th to 30th Available


1st Available

3rd to 8th Available

10th to 15th Available

16th Mine/Cave & Bridge Abseil (8) (POC)

17th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (2) (POC)

18th to 22nd Available

23rd Mine/Cave & Bridge Abseil (4) (POC)

24th Rock Abseil & Mind/Cave (2) (POC)

25th to 28th Available

30th Climb & Bridge Abseil (4) (POC)

31st  Available


1st to 30th Available

Page Updated 21/09/21