Calendar 2019

All bookings are subject to availability.

All Bookings are by email;
[email protected]

[email protected]

The dates on page with activities shown are for Open Course Days.
Vouchers are for Open Course Days. 
Exclusive Day Prices are on website.
Please also check the Open Course Activity Information page.
Transport is not provided. Your own transport will be needed for the whole day. We visit other locations from the meet point.
Timings are approximate and may vary depending on activity, group size, ability, time spent having lunch etc.
Please note all Outdoor Activities are Weather Dependant.
You are strongly advised to seek your own Cancellation Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.


Dates not shown are either booked out or not available.


Numbers in () are the places remaining on a  day.

3rd Climbing & Caving (6) (Open Course)

4th Climbing & Weaseling (6) (Open Course)

6th Available

9th P8 Caving Trip.

Reasonable level of fitness required.

£69.00 per person.

11th Half Day Bridge Abseils

Morning Session 0900 hrs to 1130 hrs.

Afternoon Session 1300 hrs to 1530 hrs.

Evening Session 1800 hrs to 2030 hrs.

Cost direct booking £20 per person.

12th Available

13th Gorge Walk & Climbing (8) (Open Course)

16th to 18th Available

19th Gorge Walk & Caving (6) (Open Course)

20th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (4) (Open Course)

23rd Climbing & Bridge Abseil (5) (Open Course)

24th Available

25th Climbing & Caving (4) (Open Course)

27th Caving & Bridge Abseil (5) (Open Course)


Numbers in () are the places remaining on a  day.

1st Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (6) (Open Course)

2nd/3rd Available (Open Course)

4th Climbing & Caving (5) (Open Course)

8th Caving & Bridge Abseil (7) (Open Course) Matlock

9th to 11th Available

14th Gorge Walk & Climbing (6) (Open Course)

15th to 18th Available

21st to 25th Available

28th Available

29th Gorge Walk & Bridge Abseil (4) (Open Course)

30th/31st Available


Numbers in () are the places remaining on a  day.

1st to 3rd Available

4th to 8th Available

9th Caving & Bridge Abseil (3) (Open Course)Matlock

12th Gorge Walk & Caving (6) (Open Course)

Updated 21/08/19