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Half Term October 2020

Hopefully getting back to some sort of normal.

Book a Family Activity Day during half term for £30.00 per person.

Payment by BACS.

19th Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (5)

20th Bridge Abseil & Caving (5)

22nd Climbing & Caving (Matlock) (5)

23rd Climbing & Bridge Abseil (5)

25th Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (5)

26th Bridge Abseil & Caving (5)

27th Climbing & Bridge Abseil (5)

29th Caving & Bridge Abseil (Matlock) (5)

30th Bridge Abseil & Weaseling (5)

31st Caving day. Explore 2 old mines. (5)

NNAS Silver Award

Course Aim

Participants will be confident with the basics of map reading as this course will take you further.

Teaching essential map/compass work to allow the walker to plan and follow walks in the countryside away from paths and tracks.

Course content and assessment will include:

  • Consolidation of Bronze Award objectives.
  • Breaking down each leg of a route into a rough section where handrail skills can be used and a fine section using features on route.
  • The ability to identify a clear attack point at the start of each section.
  • The ability to use check points on each section to ensure that the route is being followed accurately.
  • Understanding of contour features on the map and on the ground.
  • Navigational techniques: aiming off, attack points, collecting features.
  • Choosing the most effective route between two points.
  • Employ simple relocation techniques when lost.
  • Pace counting and timing to be reinforced and practiced for increased accuracy.
  • Knowledge of basic first aid
  • Be able to make judgements about route choices taking into account personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Countryside code and current access legislation.

Location: Peak District


£75.00 per person

Meet at a location in the Peak District.

Minimum 4 participants on the 2 day course.

Please use the contact form for more information or to make a booking.