Prices 2021


FULL DAY 2 ACTIVITIES (Private Bookings)

2 people £160.00 @ £80.00 pp

3 people £105.00 @ £35.00 pp

4 people £150.00 @ £35.00 pp

5 People £175.00 @£35.00 pp

6 people £210.00 @ £35.00 pp

15% Discount for Midweek School Term Time Bookings.

HALF DAY (2.5 hours) (Private Bookings)

£30  per person to a maximum of 6 people.

Minimum number 4.

15% Discount for Midweek School Term Time Bookings.

Public Bookings (Open Course)

£30 pp to join a mixed Open Course Full Day.

Timing’s are approximate and may vary depending on activity, group size, ability, etc.

Prices are not set in stone and vary depending on your choice of activity, type of group, Corporate, Youth Group, Open Course Days, Excluded YP, Youth Offending, Targeted Support, Family Day, Skills Day,  Charity Abseils, Navigation Training, Bush Craft.

Bespoke days can be booked however these do require more time spent in the planning so please email for a quote.

Once we receive your inquiry we can explain the activities on offer and email you a booking form.

07708 69 69 42



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