Half Day Events 2018

We are running Half Day Events for £20 per person Direct Booking.

To Book email malc.lawson@truthandtrustadventure.co.uk

I will need your names, ages,  a billing address for the Invoice and a mobile phone contact number please.

Timings are:

Morning Session meeting at 0900 hrs and ending 1130 hrs.

Afternoon Session meeting for 1300 hrs and ending 1530 hrs.

Timings are approximate and may vary depending on activity, group size, ability, time spent  driving to locations and kit-up/de-kit.

October Dates

27th Morning Session Bridge Abseil.

27th Afternoon Session Bridge abseil.

28th Morning Session Climbing.

28th Afternoon Session Climbing.

29th Morning Session Caving Matlock.

29th Afternoon Session Caving Matlock.

30th Morning Session Caving.

30th Afternoon Session Caving.

31st Morning Session Scrambling & Abseil.

31st Afternoon Session Scrambing & Abseil.


1st Morning Session Orienteering.

1st Afternoon Session Orienteering.